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Steering the ship – the new business management reality

Increased global competition has more corporations chasing after the same opportunities. The impact on strategic planning has been a reduction from 5-year planning cycles, with annual reviews, to 18 month cycles, with quarterly reviews. The playing field has changed in … Continue reading

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Big Data and Competitive Advantage

The link between big data and corporate competitive advantage Success in business is all about building, sustaining and augmenting competitive advantage. Given comparable infrastructure (Capital, Access to Capital, Land, Equipment, Tools, Premises, Staff, Intellectual Property/Knowhow, Current Products/Services, Products / Services … Continue reading

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What Predictive Analytics Can Do For You!

If you are responsible for managing a business, the maturity level you want to get to is one where staff receives advanced decision support from your business management system. Here is how you can use the “Easy” button to improve … Continue reading

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Risk vs Uncertainty . . . again

I’m not sure people in general understand the difference between risk and uncertainty so here is an update on an article dated 2012. Barry Ritholtz does a good job in the article quoting Michael Mauboussin Risk: We don’t know … Continue reading

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Adaptive Case Management Earned Value Matrix Model

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) practitioners have a need to periodically assess progress toward Case Goals/Objectives at individual Cases. In an environment where tasks are part of a workflow that has a start and an end, it is fairly easy to … Continue reading

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