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Case management is all about managing cases

Rather obvious, isn’t it, so how come people have problems understanding the concept of a Case? In respect of discrete manufacturing, or, work in the office/services area where no two initiatives are likely to be performed the exact same way, … Continue reading

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So, you think you have achieved Continuity of Care?

No one doubts the importance of Continuity of Care in Medicine. ONC’s 45 CFR Part 160 Subpart C Final Rule includes a number of criteria (22 out of 44) that have a specific focus on Continuity of Care. 302a Drug-drug … Continue reading

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The Last UI You’ll Ever Need to Manage Workflow/Workload

Healthcare Case Management setup Do a motion-time study on yourself today. Then, watch how others work. All of us come into work every day and the 1st thing we do is to take note of our fixed-time appointments.  In between … Continue reading

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All you need to know about Cases and Case Management

Ask any healthcare professional what a “Case” is – you’ll quickly find it’s all about discharge planning for individual patients. Given a diagnosis, the focus goes to setting goals and objectives for identified problems, carrying out “interventions” and attaining goals … Continue reading

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