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How Low Can You Go? –  Part IV – Essentials for building, sustaining & improving corporate competitive advantage.

This article attempts to bridge the gap between operational methods such as ACM/BPM/CPM/RALB and FOMM and methods used to evolve business strategy.The mission of all strategic and operational initiatives is to build, sustain and augment competitive advantage. See “Theories of … Continue reading

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How Low Can You Go? – Part III – Case Management Essentials

This article explores the contribution of three (3) methodologies to the effectiveness of work. The three methodologies are:  ACM (Adaptive Case Management),  RALB (Resource Allocation, Leveling and     Balancing)  FOMM (Figure of Merit Matrices). ACM (Adaptive Case Management) ACM builds on … Continue reading

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How Low Can You Go? – Part II – BPM Essentials

This article explores the contribution of a methodology called BPM (Business Process Management) to the “management of work” and lists essential features for background BPM services at Cases.  BPM is core to workflow. It also contributes, to an extent, to … Continue reading

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