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Performance based reimbursement – coming soon to a place near you

Healthcare services delivery in the USA is out of control. Costs have skyrocketed, facilities are overloaded, doctors are suffering burnout and government intervention has, under the guise of improving patient safety and outcomes, yielded only modest improvements. MU (Meaningful Use) … Continue reading

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Is Social BPM a failure? is a great place to hang out. Peter Schooff asked the question above and I recommend you take a look at the range of comments received. My comment was  . . .  “ So many diverse comments here … Continue reading

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Where is professional videography headed?

  Thinking of going to 4K? You might want to wait for 8K assuming you want to be able to film what people a mile across a valley are eating for lunch. Viewing 8K is another matter. Few residences have … Continue reading

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Success Factors with BPM

If you are thinking about the potential benefits of Business Process Management or want to fast track your current BPM initiative, here are a few “must haves” for success. 0. “First the problem then the solution”, meaning no point mapping/implementing … Continue reading

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How to achieve quick wins with BPM

Quick Wins definitely are the preferred business development approach for consultants compared to wasting time responding to RFPs.  Here is the pitch we have perfected over the past two decades.. How to Quick Start BPM in your organization Let’s face … Continue reading

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