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“Big Data” poses some challenges for healthcare – Find out how to circumvent these.

A discussion group at HIMSS in LinkedIn recently posted the following question “Smarter, Safer, Cheaper. What’s the true promise for healthcare big data”. Here was my response: Smarter, safer, cheaper for sure, but there are some challenges and ways of … Continue reading

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It’s all about that Case, ‘bout that Case

In healthcare services delivery, your Case Managers need Case Management software.  Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Why then do clinics/hospitals have EMRs that do not have a Patient History as their core pillar. If you want to provide continuity of care … Continue reading

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The Importance of Continuity of Patient Care

Healthcare Interconnectivity. We have it, don’t waste time trying to re-invent it. Continue reading

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The potential of telemedicine for reducing the cost of healthcare and for improving quality of life

Telehealth has the potential to greatly reduce the cost of healthcare services delivery and greatly increase the quality of life. In respect of returning military personnel, John Liebert, MD and William JJ Birnes, PhD, JD published in 2013 a book … Continue reading

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Healthcare Coordination of Care has many moving parts

As with most things complex, the basics are pretty simple. Patient calls in/arrives, a Case is set up.  First things first – patients have one desire which is to get well, hospitals have scarce resources, doctors are busy. So, a … Continue reading

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Are healthcare cost increases inevitable?

“Healthcare costs will continue to rise until the entire system collapses under its own weight”. This doomsday scenario is certainly one possibility, but it is a “do-nothing” option. How about an approach that reduces costs at the same time as … Continue reading

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The Call to Halt Meaningful Use Incentives

You may have read that some congressmen are calling for a halt to Meaningful Use Incentives. They are citing “ . . . a lack of standards for EHR interoperability as grounds for HHS to rethink its methods for subsidizing … Continue reading

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