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The Little Red Hen and BPM

BPM can make the difference between success and failure in a business. But, there are pitfalls that need to be avoided. The little Red Hen said “Who will help me develop my processes?. “Not I,” barked the dog.”Not I,” meowed … Continue reading

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Seek and You May or May Not Find – In Praise of Knowledge Bases

“Seek and Ye Shall Find” probably works in general life but not when you are looking for digital data. Decision-making in the 1980s used to be characterized by “too much information, too little information, or information in the wrong place”. … Continue reading

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Life in the Inventions Fast Lane

Anyone who aspires to be an inventor leads a difficult life up to time they actually invent something, patent their idea and retire. These days it’s probably a good idea to take the money you make from any invention and … Continue reading

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I can’t hear you, I have a banana in my ear.

“A man sits down at a bar and notices that the person sitting next to him has a banana in their ear.  He taps the person on the shoulder and says “You have a banana in your ear”. No response.  … Continue reading

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BPM interoperability- Look Ma, no hands

I have been tuning in to various rants on LinkedIn regarding the complexity and cost of legacy BPMs software suites. The idea of an “all-singing, all-dancing” software suite goes back a number of years, but it started “feature wars” across … Continue reading

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The Menu, please!

When you go to a restaurant you don’t go to the back kitchen, go through a filing cabinet to find a recipe for the meal you are looking for, dispatch someone to purchase all of the needed ingredients, and then … Continue reading

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Removing Subjectivity from Clinical Decision-Making at Chart Review Time

In medicine it’s all about discharge planning. Some agencies subscribe to the idea that discharge planning should start from the 1st encounter because patients want solutions to their problems, sooner than later, with the proviso that solutions remain persistent. When … Continue reading

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Your workflows or mine?

Organizations go to great lengths to acquire, improve and maintain a culture and infrastructure that gives them a competitive advantage. Organizations that succeed persist; organizations that are not successful at organization building usually fail over time, unless they have a … Continue reading

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