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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – Managerial Productivity Series (II)

In the office/services sector, if you measure the time to perform a linked set of tasks and compare the sum of the task times to total elapsed time to go from start to finish, total time will usually exceed the … Continue reading

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Stop Reading Exception Reports! – Managerial Productivity Series (I)

Looks like we are into a new series at this blog. A good productivity improvement starting position is to eliminate waste, allowing executives more time to work on more interesting/important work. Corporate executives who spend a lot of their time … Continue reading

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Finding needles in haystacks – Can you do it?

I deal with a fairly large number of organizations (suppliers, clients, correspondents).                     I like to track e-mail exchanges but some of the time there is overlap between threads so no point trying to define and organize messages under Outlook folders. … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Workflow Scheduling for Office/Services

Workflow scheduling in the office/services domain is complicated by the fact that not all of the work can be described plan-side using flowgraphs. Compare CPM (Critical Path Scheduling), a deterministic flowgraph scheduling methodology (where there is one convenient starting start … Continue reading

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