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Adapting to 45 CFR Part 170 Subpart C

Adapting to 45 CFR Part 170 Subpart C of the Final Rule for Health Information Technology. The consensus is sooner or later healthcare agencies are going to be herded into adopting “certified” EMR/EHR systems.  The party line is “a certified … Continue reading

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Why some organizations innovate and others don’t

Innovation is big business but it is a difficult business and it is complex because it has many moving parts. Innovation cannot be legislated. It’s not an activity that can be time-accelerated. Throwing money at it above and beyond setting … Continue reading

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Sharing Patient Information, Easy/Difficult?

  Answer:  Difficult In theory, a patient can indicate what information can/cannot be divulged to individual 3rd parties. What counts for a patient are items of information (show symptoms/do not show symptoms) per 3rd party recipient. Some agencies have 200 … Continue reading

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Strategic Planning Simplified

Markets, competition, regulations, and access to capital are four subject areas start up organizations need to be up to speed on as a prerequisite to strategic planning. For established organizations, where there is an established infrastructure, organizations need to “stick … Continue reading

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