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How to Install BPM in a Corporation

It is difficult to recommend a “best” way to install BPM in a corporation. The approach needs to vary with the consultant, and vary with the client. One-size-fits-all, ends up predictably fitting none of the players. Photo Credit Jill Wellington … Continue reading

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Is this where you want to be?

This is a pitch to consultants and business managers who subscribe to and use BPM (Business Process Management).  It turns out there are two flavors of BPM  –  “B(P)M” (business management that receives orchestration from process templates, process fragment templates, … Continue reading

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Must-Have Features at a Run-Time Case Management Platform

Case Managers spend their time managing Cases and leveling and balancing resources across Cases.  Popular examples of Cases are Patients in healthcare, Investigations in law enforcement but, in general, a Case is just a cursor position at a post-relational database … Continue reading

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KPPs and BPM

KPPs and BPM You are probably familiar with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), but this article is about KPPs (Key Process Points). KPPs are wait-state auto-commit steps along BPM pathways. They have predecessors and successors like all other BPM steps. They … Continue reading

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Mini-firestorm at BPM.COM

The question of the week at BPM.com was http://bpm.com/bpm-today/in-the-forum/what-is-the-best-way-to-build-an-executable-process-model What Is the Best Way to Build an Executable Process Model? From a comment E. Scott Menter made on this discussion where he wrote: “Flowcharts (including IMHO BPMN) are simply not … Continue reading

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How to achieve quick wins with BPM

Quick Wins definitely are the preferred business development approach for consultants compared to wasting time responding to RFPs.  Here is the pitch we have perfected over the past two decades.. How to Quick Start BPM in your organization Let’s face … Continue reading

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Are your BPM process steps being served?

Anyone remember the British sitcom “Are you being served” broadcast between 1972 and 1985 on BBC1? No one needs to ask this in respect of BPM workflow steps because rules ensure that soon as one structured step is committed, the … Continue reading

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