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Patient Continuity of Care – Integrating Patient Information Across Healthcare Services Delivery Facilities

The healthcare industry has a poor track record of facilitating the integration of Patient Information. Patients have EMRs, typically one at each healthcare services delivery organization where they receive services. A patient can be receiving services from a General Practitioner, … Continue reading

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Three-Tier Scheduling and why you need it for ACM/BPM

[edited 2019 04 01] Organizations supposedly hire knowledge workers because of a feeling that workers generally know what to do, how to do it, who has to do the work, why it needs to be done, leaving where and when … Continue reading

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On Accountable Care – Data or Patients, Which Should Come First?

I saw an article on this today – the answer is a no-brainer. Patient first, data needed for decision-making at the patient level, then other data, in that order. Aside from all of the mandated data collection, internal healthcare facility … Continue reading

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