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Improving Healthcare Services Delivery

Healthcare agencies go to great lengths to develop best practice protocols and to encourage consistent use of these. Consistent use of best practice protocols leads to improved outcomes. One way to encourage consistency of protocols is to post situation/context appropriate  … Continue reading

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How long should a five-minute appointment last?

Stopwatch Continue reading

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled processes . . . .

Customer satisfaction today is a hot topic. Build, maintain and augment customer satisfaction and you will be able to protect your staff, your infrastructure and hopefully have some money left for your shareholders. We know that all customer satisfaction derives … Continue reading

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Why do 70% of BPM initiatives fail?

I keep hearing about a 70% failure rate for BPM and I think we need to gain an understanding re how many BPM initiatives quit when the job is 1/2 done before we can state that 70% of BPM initiatives … Continue reading

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Aligning Operations with Strategy – Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The purpose of a business in today’s markets is to build, maintain, and enhance customer satisfaction, closely followed by keeping staff happy and productive, making sure shareholders can sleep at night, keeping board members involved  and informed and protecting the … Continue reading

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Enhance Continuity of Patient Care with “Point Of Care” Secure Messaging.

When providers are focusing on a patient at a Point of Care along an EMR patient carepath, it’s disruptive to have to go to some other environment to dispatch an inquiry.  The usual outcome is the provider uses experience and … Continue reading

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EeePad Transformer by Asus – Close, almost a cigar . . .

Asus is a highly innovative manufacturer of desktop, laptop and tablet PCs. I am impressed with the EeePad Transformer – it’s a laptop one moment and a tablet PC the next. Chances are it will suit the needs of many. … Continue reading

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Best Practices – Knowing when to hold, when to fold

The reason people follow best practices is that until they improve their best practices, there is nothing better than what they have/are using, considering the investment they have made in these and the ongoing effort they have made to improve … Continue reading

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Time Management versus Task Management

Based on a lifespan of 80 years, we all come into this world with an inventory of 42,076,800 minutes and we really don’t have much control over how these get used up. Do nothing and you lose 1 minute per … Continue reading

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The Facilitator is coming !

It’s 0830 hours and ‘the Facilitator’ is arriving to help the Process Team document their AS-IS and SHOULD-BE workflows. Who are these people and what do they do? The first thing you need to know about facilitators is that the … Continue reading

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