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Job Shop Operations – How to meet customer deadlines

Everyone agrees, it’s a zoo. No amount of “readiness” can avoid the peaks and valleys that are the result of customers popping in with “urgent” requests, customers who submit change orders covering work already completed, and a seemingly endless range … Continue reading

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Insourcing – Doing It the Right Way

I noticed the other day an article advising that the outsourcing trend started, in 2012, to reverse itself. Wikipedia cites various reasons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insourcing “Rising third-world wages, recognition that many off-shoring costs were large and hidden, rapid consumer product innovation and … Continue reading

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Are healthcare cost increases inevitable?

“Healthcare costs will continue to rise until the entire system collapses under its own weight”. This doomsday scenario is certainly one possibility, but it is a “do-nothing” option. How about an approach that reduces costs at the same time as … Continue reading

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Selling 5S to clients – a No-Brainer for 5S aficionados

Here’s the deal. Anyone who has tripped over tools lying around and put out their back as a result knows. Anyone who has spent ½ an hour hunting for tools at change of shift knows. 5S (sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, … Continue reading

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The Call to Halt Meaningful Use Incentives

You may have read that some congressmen are calling for a halt to Meaningful Use Incentives. They are citing “ . . . a lack of standards for EHR interoperability as grounds for HHS to rethink its methods for subsidizing … Continue reading

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