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Successful Engineering Design Strategies

You may have read about Toyota’s announced focus on hydrogen fuel-cell powered automobiles. This is a win, win, lose strategy (for Toyota, for those of us who like to live on this planet, but maybe not for manufacturers of home … Continue reading

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“Save Time and Spend” versus “Spend Time and Save”

When you go into any marketplace looking for a technology solution to address a complex problem, you basically have two options. You can look at “best of class” rankings and pick near the top – this will save you time … Continue reading

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Hello, our name is . . .

This post is for readers who are new to this blog. Civerex is a 22-year veteran of the healthcare EHR wars, with occasional forages into the area of law enforcement, knowledgebase building, b2b, workflow management and data exchange. We are … Continue reading

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Healthcare – The chickens finally have come home to roost

Make your day by clicking on the link here below and then read this blog post. If you feel healthcare in the USA is “too expensive” write to Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), a physician who leads the House Energy … Continue reading

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