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How does your organization develop strategies?

Strategy is the blueprint for deployment of a corporation’s assets (plant/premises, staff, equipment/tools, capital, access to capital, other infrastructure). Strategy determines at a summary level what, why, where/who, and, to an extent, when. Good strategy maintains and builds competitive advantage. … Continue reading

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Thinking of building a Healthcare “e-Hub”?

If you are thinking of developing a healthcare e-Hub, this is not something that can be designed on the back of an envelope and implemented in a few days, weeks or months. As usual, the devil is in the details … Continue reading

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How to sink sinking ships

In the healthcare industry, the message is starting to get across that deployment of circa-1960 healthcare services delivery software does not improve efficiency, effectiveness, throughput or productivity. The immediate impact following massive outlays of hard-earned money, is to see productivity … Continue reading

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What will we do when we run out of letters?

Hardly a week goes by without us hearing of a new three-letter acronym. The folks at Wikipedia probably are very busy figuring out what the new ones stand for and then scrambling to write up explanations for these. I find … Continue reading

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