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Check your Business Rules on the way in and out

All successful business activity takes place under the control of Business Rules. There are two types of Business Rules, those that issue warnings and those that cause hard stops. In highly-automated systems such as automobiles, an audible or visual warning … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement

The best methodologies and working tools will get you nowhere if your employees are not working efficiently and effectively. Here is a mini-plan to increase employee engagement within your organization.   #1. Hurdle one is to make sure none of … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs V – Measuring Performance

This is the final post in the series “Working with KPIs”, where operations meets strategy. In the screenshot below, we have workflows consolidating data in real time to the “3D Printing Corporation” Kbase. Rule sets at process template steps upload … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs IV – Defining KPIs

Notice in this blog series, as we have transitioned from “Working with KPIs I”, to II, to III and, now, to “Working with KPIs – IV Defining KPIs”, how the emphasis has shifted from putting in place methodologies to managing … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs III- Setting Goals/Objectives

Continuing the example of strategy development for “3D Printing Corporation”, following a)      preparation of an inventory of corporate assets (“Working with KPIs I”), b)      cataloging of various strategies (“Working with KPIs II”), the next step is to set Objectives and … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs II – Formulating Strategy

Most corporations have a vision. They may or may not have well-defined strategies. The vision details “where” the organization would like to be. A strategy details “how” the organization proposes to transition from its current state to a desired new … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs I – Taking Stock

Recent posts at this blog have focused on managing a mix of structured/unstructured work and assessing progress toward meeting Case Objectives. Once an organization is taking steps to ensure that Case Objectives are supportive of strategy, the question that arises … Continue reading

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