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Strategy Development – Same old, or entirely new?

Recently, I was asked whether Edith Penrose’s  “RBV” (Resource Based View) is today obsolete. Fair question, given that RBV goes back to 1959. This led to a question as to whether Porter’s Competitive Advantage method has or has not evolved … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs II – Formulating Strategy

Most corporations have a vision. They may or may not have well-defined strategies. The vision details “where” the organization would like to be. A strategy details “how” the organization proposes to transition from its current state to a desired new … Continue reading

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Working with KPIs I – Taking Stock

Recent posts at this blog have focused on managing a mix of structured/unstructured work and assessing progress toward meeting Case Objectives. Once an organization is taking steps to ensure that Case Objectives are supportive of strategy, the question that arises … Continue reading

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How does your organization develop strategies?

Strategy is the blueprint for deployment of a corporation’s assets (plant/premises, staff, equipment/tools, capital, access to capital, other infrastructure). Strategy determines at a summary level what, why, where/who, and, to an extent, when. Good strategy maintains and builds competitive advantage. … Continue reading

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