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Patient- Centric Care – Basic EHR Needs

When I was a child, our family doctor did house calls. Visits were particularly remarkable during snowstorms when the good doctor would arrive with horse and sleigh. We will never get back to the “good old days” but it is … Continue reading

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It’s all about that Case, ‘bout that Case

In healthcare services delivery, your Case Managers need Case Management software.  Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Why then do clinics/hospitals have EMRs that do not have a Patient History as their core pillar. If you want to provide continuity of care … Continue reading

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Why are we still having problems in the area of Healthcare software?

The point was made in a recent LinkedIn HIMSS discussion group “At what point does an EHR implementation become too large an endeavor?” My response was this happens at the time you pick a bad EHR “solution”.   The usual outcome … Continue reading

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Healthcare – The chickens finally have come home to roost

Make your day by clicking on the link here below and then read this blog post. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/02/data-fees-health-care-reform-115402.html#ixzz3TR4UwsA2 If you feel healthcare in the USA is “too expensive” write to Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), a physician who leads the House Energy … Continue reading

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