Karl Walter Keirstead, M.Sc. (EE), P.Eng. is a process control engineer and management consultant with international experience in healthcare, law enforcement and infrastructure protection (public & private sector. He is Managing Director of Civerex Systems, Creative Director of CvX Productions and Chairman of Jay-Kell Technologies Inc., a Montreal-based holding company.

His area of expertise is bridging the gap between strategy and operations.

Current areas of research include

  • b2b automated resource allocation, leveling and balancing in the performance of work
  • b2b/b2c/c2b predictive analytics and rule-based transaction processing
  • b2b, b2c/c2b calculation of earned value at Cases
  • 3D graphic free-form-search Knowledgebases in conjunction with use of a strategic planning methodology called RBV (Resource Based View)
  • 3D graphic free-form-search Knowledgebases for major crimes cases connect-the-dots exercises .

1 Response to About

  1. Paul S. says:

    I am looking forward to reading more of your comments and learning more about your thought patterns…

    I am especially hopeful for what lies ahead as we forge a new way of conducting international and localized commerce.


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