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Are healthcare cost increases inevitable?

“Healthcare costs will continue to rise until the entire system collapses under its own weight”. This doomsday scenario is certainly one possibility, but it is a “do-nothing” option. How about an approach that reduces costs at the same time as … Continue reading

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Why We Visit Lawyers

Weekends are a good time to put a focus on important matters. . . The reason we visit lawyers is to avoid the scenario “he who has himself for a lawyer, has a fool for a client”. We visit lawyers … Continue reading

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Job Shop Scheduling- CPM or ERP?

CPM (Critical Path Method) is ideal for multi-project scheduling in environments characterized by scarce resources. CPM works best for the management of work where there are a small fixed number of project templates, where there are few branching decision points … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to CRM

CRM has been more or less been replaced by ‘customer-centricity’ capabilities that are in BPM. The problem with CRM was lack of the ability to handle other than primitive workflows. CRM needed BPM but since BPM did not need CRM, I suspect … Continue reading

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