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Project Management versus Business Process Management

Rule #1 in the area of technology selection is “First the problem, then the solution”. Suppose you want to improve outcomes and you state your need as “workflow and workload management” software. Vendors offering project management (CPM) software will immediately … Continue reading

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Must-Have Features at a Run-Time Case Management Platform

Case Managers spend their time managing Cases and leveling and balancing resources across Cases.  Popular examples of Cases are Patients in healthcare, Investigations in law enforcement but, in general, a Case is just a cursor position at a post-relational database … Continue reading

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How the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) impacts your business

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679) took effect one week ago (May 25, 2018). The Regulation and two related Directives EU 2016/680 and EU 2016/681 deal with the processing of personal data relating to natural persons who are citizens of … Continue reading

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Take it to the limit with BPM

The transition BPM aficionados are going through today, moving from neat-looking structured workflows (end-to-end processes) to arbitrary clusters of small workflows (process fragments) and pure ad hoc interventions, is proving to be a difficult one. It all begins with discovery … Continue reading

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Managing Source Code using Kbases

After years of looking for better and better ways and means of managing source code, we turned to one of our own software suites, a graphic free-form-search Knowledgebase, to manage O-O code that is used across ten commercial software products … Continue reading

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Where is professional videography headed?

  Thinking of going to 4K? You might want to wait for 8K assuming you want to be able to film what people a mile across a valley are eating for lunch. Viewing 8K is another matter. Few residences have … Continue reading

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Your BPMs shopping list

If you are in the market for a BPMs, you may be better off looking for a BPFMs (Business Process Fragment Management System). Please don’t make this into a new acronym – we don’t need more acronyms with “Intelligent Business … Continue reading

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Pick a BPMs, any BPMs

We too easily settle for various states of affairs, only to find that outcomes could be more favorable given more research, better use of logic and less attention to paid “reviews”. Hardly a day goes by without a new LinkedIn … Continue reading

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Successful Engineering Design Strategies

You may have read about Toyota’s announced focus on hydrogen fuel-cell powered automobiles. This is a win, win, lose strategy (for Toyota, for those of us who like to live on this planet, but maybe not for manufacturers of home … Continue reading

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“Save Time and Spend” versus “Spend Time and Save”

When you go into any marketplace looking for a technology solution to address a complex problem, you basically have two options. You can look at “best of class” rankings and pick near the top – this will save you time … Continue reading

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