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Protect and Serve – The search for efficiency and effectiveness

Police Departments have the same overall focus as private sector corporations. 1) evolving strategies that are supportive of a mission, then defining and putting in place initiatives that make good use of available scarce resources. 2) achieving operational efficiency and … Continue reading

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Take it to the limit with BPM

The transition BPM aficionados are going through today, moving from neat-looking structured workflows (end-to-end processes) to arbitrary clusters of small workflows (process fragments) and pure ad hoc interventions, is proving to be a difficult one. It all begins with discovery … Continue reading

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Where, Oh Where, have my Documents Gone?

Decision-making is the art of converting information into action. It’s an art because it requires a blending of experience, knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and information. All of these except information are acquired or intrinsic capabilities. The problem with information is that … Continue reading

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Case Management – Tips and Tricks I – Work Scheduling

Case management requires putting a sharp focus on periodic assessment of progress toward meeting a set of objectives. Objectives at a Case can be unique to that Case, some can be pervasive across multiple Cases. The typical scenario is multiple … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for the Bad Guys

New technology for major crimes case management Continue reading

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