Revisiting” Use of Force” Clauses in Police Department Policy and Procedure Manuals

It’s clear from media postings that DOJ has decided to review “Use of Force” practices at various City Police Departments.

Seems reasonable that individual Police Departments might want to do their homework before they get visited by DOJ staff.

Here is one approach . . .

In the screenshot below of a CiverMind® 3D Kbase on Police Dept P&Ps (12 city departments), we can see that references to “use of force” are all over the place.

The PD P&P Kbase allows highlighting of “use of force” clauses across multiple Cities/Counties Police Departments. (10,000 pages of text in the 12-city demo Kbase).

For details re setup and use of a Police Department P&P Kbase capable of hosting P&P clauses across major-city Police Departments, message


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