CEM and BPM, In The Sandbox

The no one disputes the potential of CEM (Customer Experience Management) for attracting and retaining customers and for administrative cost reduction in the area of goods and services delivery.

Since BPM has a similar focus (i.e.  delighting customers) the question arises as to whether an organization needs both a CEMs and a BPMs. (i.e can CEM and BPM play together in the sandbox?)

Family making sand castles at the beach

The answer? It depends.

Whereas BPM implementations are fairly straightforward, a range of implementation strategies exists for CEM.

Aggressive CEM implementations mine your social data.  These implementations post ads for goods/services you have been researching to a giant screen as you walk through a shopping mall.

Passive CEM implementations wait for customer inreach and try to delight customers on-the-fly.

A third strategy is to put in place outreach facilities.

Here’s one way you can practice outreach CEM within BPM.

When mapping processes, anticipate and include customer touch points as process steps.  At run time, as each of these will become current along a Case timeline, you will be able to seamlessly reach out to your customer in content and situation-appropriate ways.

Secondly, accommodate ad hoc reachout in your BPMs run time environment.  This allows you to contact the customer at any point along a Case timeline.

e- mail is not the communication method of choice for a CEM implementation.  Not secure, not easy to extract content from messages, and not easy to route incoming messages to Cases.

A better strategy is to get customers to log into a Customer Portal that you set up.

For security reasons, no Portal user should be able to establish a cursor position at a back end DBMS (database management system). A processing engine that sits between the back end DBMS and the Portal solves the problem nicely.

All Civerex BPMs’ rely on back end application system Calendar Events to trigger posts to Customer Portal InTrays (plan-side customer touch points, run-time ad hoc customer touch points).  Posting of a Calendar Event at the back end application system results in a pending information/action line at the Portal.  Calendar Events can be posted at the back end application manually or automatically.

Can you have 360-degree CEM as part of your BPMs?

Yes! – you may have the capability to integrate CEM right now or you may be only a few steps away from integrating CEM into your BPMS.

Cost savings in the order of 20-30% as a result of implementing BPM/CEM are not uncommon as a result of reductions in the number of phone calls and mailings to customers.

For more information on CEM and BPM, call Civerex Systems at 1+450 458 5601



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