Specialty-Focused EHRs Re-Entering The Picture

Interesting article at http://www.emrandehr.com on “Specialty-Focused EHRs Re-Entering The Picture” by Anne Zieger


My comment below . . .

“And then the specialists can opt for yet a third choice – a generalized EHR that has as it’s foundation BPM (Business Process Management) or, better still, one that supports ACM/BPM (Adaptive Case Management).

BPM is a flowgraphing methodology that comes in two flavors, one where programming is needed (skip these), the other where anyone who can “think” process can map out their process “without” programming.  The caveat “without” is important because anyone undertaking to map out their processes will need rule sets at various stages and these are likely to require programmer or super-user assistance. The rest involves little more than drawing circles and connecting these with directional arrows.

Clearly, any specialty practice has to face the fact that few of their specialists have either the time or the inclination to develop their own practices.

Independent consultants can, however, over several days, evolve a specialty EHR.

No problem at all with interoperability with some of these generalized BPM-based EHRs.

The big questions are a) how flexible are specialty EHRs and b) what is the relative cost of a specialty EHR compared to a generalized EHR that has its foundation in BPM.

BPM is used across thousands of industry applications (healthcare, insurance, law enforcement, manufacturing, b2b).  BPM is not an acronym of the week.

See one active BPM community and the topics that get discussed each week at http://www.bpm.com.

See 250+ plus articles on BPM/ACM, a fair number of which have a focus on healthcare, at http://www.kwkeirstead.wordpress.com.

No commercial content at any of these sites aside from banner ads.

Specialty-Focused EHRs Re-Entering The Picture

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