What’s your action plan for BPM for 2015?

We all understand that organizations need best practices and that, in the case of complex processes, these need to be in-line, not on-line and certainly not off-line.

In theory, you can ask data mining software to run through your event logs and build up Targetan inventory of all processes. If your processes are in-line you will have an event log, otherwise you probably won’t.

So, in the absence of an existing complete inventory of in-line processes, you have little choice but to drag key stakeholders into a room or a virtual room and facilitate process mapping.

Do this and you will be at a stage where how you get to mapped, improved, modeled, compiled and rolled-out processes will be mostly up to you.

You can use an e-canvas to drag and drop process steps as fast as stakeholders say “and then we do this”, click on your compiler and be done OR you can take notes, go away for 1-2 days and then reconvene to discuss your paper process map.

You can stay easily end up staying away for several weeks if you elect to write computer code to get to where you can  “piano-play” your process so that stakeholders can identify missing steps, steps that are improperly sequenced, steps that have the wrong attached forms, wrong routings.

If you are a consultant trying to stretch out your engagement, this “buggy whip” strategy will only work until your client finds out how long process mapping should take, using appropriate technology.

If you are a BA/BI staff member, undue dragging-on of process mapping initiatives will tax the patience of your stakeholders and put the initiative at risk – most of these folks would rather be somewhere else.

Don’t know where to start with BPM? Google “BPM” – you will see some 68,600,000 results.

Another option is browse my 235 blog articles written over a period of four years.


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Management consultant and process control engineer (MSc EE) with a focus on bridging the gap between operations and strategy in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, connect-the-dots law enforcement investigations, healthcare services delivery, job shop manufacturing and b2b/b2c/b2d transactions. (C) 2010-2018 Karl Walter Keirstead, P. Eng. All rights reserved. The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and are not connected with Jay-Kell Technologies Inc, Civerex Systems Inc. (Canada), Civerex Systems Inc. (USA) or CvX Productions.
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