What simple software can I use in strategy consulting?

It’s a lot easier to respond to specific questions as opposed to trying to invent hypothetical questions and then answer them.

I got the above today from MosaicHub of which apparently I am a member.

My response appears below . . . .

Did I give good advice or bad advice?

What simple software can I use in strategy consulting?

Lots of experience in this area over decades trying out different options.

The thing about strategic planning is you need data on assets, inventory, tools/equipment, subsidiaries, divisions, units, staff, customers, existing products, products under development, competitors, technology trends, changing legislation, sometimes country profiles etc.

Each of these “entities” has data that is specific but some of it will be common, duplicative, contradictory, false, out of date.

What to do?

You need a free-form multi-tree hierarchical dbms where the data is accessible from one screen (10,000 documents, more, it does not matter).

Having the data is the start of your problems.

You can take the route of mining the data and that goes on and on OR you use a ‘”connect-the-dots” approach that law enforcement uses which can be very effective.

Your Kbase will be out of date soon as you figure you have in it what you need so it’s important to keep it up to date ongoing,

This is why however many objects you may be tracking, you need versioning – no point looking at a ROI written up 3 years ago and trying to analyze how things went using current data. You may need to look at the entire timeline.

If you are a consultant, you can get a copy of our CiverManage Kbase, free, but you might need some hand-holding which will cost you a bit. No need to commit to this in the absence of a no-obligation, 1/2 hour web session, where we give you the mouse and let you build a mini Kbase of your choice to see what you are getting into.

Many consultants I work with prefer post-its and whiteboards. I cannot see how I could do a session in Europe in the morning, one in North America in the afternoon and yet another in the Far East at night. For me, it’s on-line, real-time or I spend my time elsewhere.

I am easily reachable, just type Karl Walter Keirstead (200+ blog posts on strategy, operations and bridging the gap).


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