Reach for the Sky – Managerial Productivity Series (III)

status_of_libertyOnce organizations map out and deploy their processes to an RALB run time environment where work is orchestrated by BPM (guidelines) and facilitated/constrained by ACM (guard rails), it’s time to face up to the reality that only 1/3 of employees in many corporations are engaged.

It seems reasonable, under this scenario, to spend less time increasing the productivity of 1/3 of staff and more time engaging and empowering the 2/3 majority.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Form committees sparingly. Let them come together and disband.

2. Reduce the number of wall-to-wall meetings, shorten the durations of the rest and be choosy re who either gets to attend or is forced to attend, depending on the perspective.

3. Provide away-from-the-desk “oases” to foster innovation.

4. Include contingency funding in annual budgets so that innovative projects can start up at odd times.

5.  Put in place project monitoring/control to monitor ROIs through their life cycles. Ensure that when approving ROIs, the timeline extends beyond the “launch” date so that training is not short circuited and that a settling in period can take place.

6. Improve your approval processes so that they are able to accommodate “fast tracking”, where appropriate.

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  1. Some good practical tips there.


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