How much money should you spend on a promo video?

Video_ShootWe live in an era where “also ran” no longer works. The other thing is viewers of web videos have very short attention spans.

Any small business owner has to decide up front what level of sophistication they want for, to take one example, a promo video.

Four options I can think of are PowerPoint, talking heads, animation sequences and interview style.

All can result in absolutely dreadful results when done wrong. The latter IMO is the most effective when done right.

Here is how we pitch video to our clients as a way toward improving competitive advantage.

The business owner has to understand that for interview style there has to be a script (that must not be referred to during the recording), a good camera  (preferably two), good lighting and good sound.  The video should not run more than 3-5 mins.

The script has to immediately answer viewer questions that include

1) should I continue to view this video?

2) is the message addressing a need that I have?

3) does it cause me to want to contact the owner/company to contract for products/services or at least get more information?

Budgets will dictate whether the owner can afford to hire a video production company to hopefully generate good value for money or whether they should try to do the video themselves using consumer level technology.

No telling in respect of the latter whether a video is any better than no video.

You may have noticed that the media in some countries are shifting away from the use of pro staff/equipment for news event coverage. The difference in quality is dramatic but the argument against my recommendations is “do contemporary audiences actually care?”Video_ShootVideo_Shoot


Management consultant and process control engineer (MSc EE) with a focus on bridging the gap between operations and strategy in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, connect-the-dots law enforcement investigations, healthcare services delivery, job shop manufacturing and b2b/b2c/b2d transactions. (C) 2010-2018 Karl Walter Keirstead, P. Eng. All rights reserved. The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and are not connected with Jay-Kell Technologies Inc, Civerex Systems Inc. (Canada), Civerex Systems Inc. (USA) or CvX Productions.
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