Just 0ne Look, . . . is all it takes

Eagle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  to manage workload across an organization.

If you are a knowledge worker, each day as you arrive at the office you take note of your fixed time appointments and work on one or more of your to-do list items in between appointments.

Some people like to start their workday by “finishing” off a few short tasks, others prefer to focus on a long-term task or project.

What matters is that you get to prioritize and schedule your own work.

It follows from the discussion that the only user interface required to manage day-to-day work is a split screen with a Calendar on one side and a To-to list on the other side.

Just 0ne Look. . . is all it takes.. . . .

If you are responsible for supervising a group of knowledge workers, nothing basically changes.  You have fixed-time appointments, you have to-do tasks.

Except that, on top of managing your own workload, you get involved in managing the workload of others (across staff, across functional units).

So, for line managers, the requirement here is a Calendar, a To-do list to manage your work, plus a resource allocation, leveling and balancing (RALB) screen so that they can manage the work of others.

One Look?  Almost. You need a To-do\Calendar split screen plus one screen for managing the work of staff who report to you and we can get to “one” screen to make our point by overlaying your calendar with your RALB screen.

Wait a minute!  Surely there is more to managing workload across an organization than scheduling and re-scheduling individual tasks?

Actually, no, because background orchestration and governance can be provided by BPM and ACM.

BPM makes it easy for users to follow industry and organizational “best practices.” (l.e. provides guidance).

ACM accommodates context-situation appropriate deviations away from best practices but “reins in” interventions that are likely to detract from meeting objectives, (i.e. provides guardrails).

So, at the end of the day, Just One Look is all it takes..

“Just One Look” is a song co-written by R&B singers Doris Troy and Gregory Carroll. The recording by Doris Troy was a hit in 1963, peaking at No. 10 in the U.S. singles charts.”



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1 Response to Just 0ne Look, . . . is all it takes

  1. Think about it . . .

    “the only user interface required to manage day-to-day work is a split screen with a Calendar on one side and a To-to list on the other side”

    The average knowledge worker works on several Cases at a time – each has process fragment templates that they thread together, there are frequent situations requiring that work be suspended/resumed, handed off to others.

    Case Managers also typically work on several Cases at a time.

    A Case platform/ UI, with background BPM providing orchestration, easily handles all of this.


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