Blog Of My Blog, I Love that Methodology

The challenge is to guess the song. See the reference at the bottom of this post.

After four years and close to 200 blog posts totaling 400 pages, it’s understandable that there is a rising concern to avoid unwanted repetition.

There are two kinds of repetition, one of which is intentional to reinforce a point, the other is the one to be avoided.

My approach is to maintain full text copies of all of my blog posts in a Kbase.

The Kbase accommodates organizing as many documents as you like in however many different ways you like. You can set up multiple aliases of a document and park them under different document areas of focus. Only one of these is the source but you can view and edit any and the changes will “update” all instances of the document.

You can also include all manner of research material for future Blog posts in your Kbase, including empty document nodes that include nothing but a link to web sites.

Once you get used to the idea that you view/edit hundreds/thousands of documents at one screen canvas, you can simply open a window and draft up a new document.  When you have a new post ready, you upload it and drag the screen document to the place(s) you want to use to store it.

Whilst you are drafting up new material, you can engage ad hoc free-form searches across the entire space (except for empty documents) – this increases the chances of ending up with new content.

The methodology is a big improvement over the WordPress browsing feature in that in the Kbase environment you can click on a search results icon that pops up following a search and generate a browsable listbox of matching documents.

As you browse each document in the listbox, the documents pop up with color coding at each “hit”. There is a facility to skip through the document to see the “hits” in cases where there are several or many “hits”.

An important side benefit to Kbase searches in a graphic environment is that you get to see where your “hits” are, and, at the same time, where they are not. If you are writing up material for healthcare, law enforcement and manufacturing, engage a search on “efficiency” and get nothing at one of these categories, this means you are not reaching out to subscribers of that sector on an important issue.

Here below is a screenshot of my 180 blog posts. If anyone is interested, I can push out a short video that shows how searches are done.

I would be interesting in hearing how other bloggers compose, organize and manage their blog posts.


Title Reference: “(The Gang that Sang) Heart of My Heart… I love that melody” –  music and lyrics – Ben Ryan, 1926


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