Haste makes waste

Don’t be in a rush to select a BPMs product . . . .

First your client needs a consultant (internal or outsourced) to help them set up a mind map, then develop/improve the corporate strategy and then, only, do we get to where processes are needed and tools are needed to map these.

The term “processes” needs highlighting because there are two camps, one that buys into the notion that everything is a process (including ad hoc processes of one step), the other being unwilling to accept the transition from two steps to one as being a minor one that really does not require different thinking.

At the end of all of this when your client has a mind map, and a strategy and is about to select a mapping environment, its important to know what the mix of structured versus unstructured work is going to be for the organization (5/95, 95/5, or more likely a changing mix somewhere in between). For most of the scenarios you probably need ACM/BPM not BPM.

The next to final step along the road to success with ACM/BPM is to have seamless integration between your mapping environment and a run-time automated resource allocation, leveling and balancing environment where your best practices can guide the processing of instances of templates. There should be no need to write any code to compile your process maps.

If your processes are the least bit complex, you will not get sustainability by expecting staff to stare at process maps.

The auto resource environment, on the other hand, will post tasks to user Orders InTrays and remove concerns of what to do, when, how, where, and, at times, why.

With knowledge workers most of the posting is done by the knowledge worker (their to-do list) but for routine work, the auto resource environment does most of the heavy lifting.

The final step, following recording of transaction data at steps (structured or unstructured) involves, again, seamless linking to a data warehouse where your client can carry out data mining / data analysis, with a view of identifying ways and means of improving processes.

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