Where does your money go?

It’s timely to bring up this topic at a time when not-for-profit organizations are chasing after scarce dollars and political parties/candidates are hard at work raising campaign funds.

Most people donate to “favorite” causes but they typically don’t know what actually happens to their money.

What if fund-raising organizations were to let you decide how your contributions would be used?  In the case of large organizations, you could influence, even control, how and where your contributions are used.

And, since this is an election year, think about how patterns might change if you were able to influence  priority-setting on initiatives your candidate/party has in mind by logging into a web portal and indicating the percentage allocation of your contributions to these initiatives.

It seems to me that candidates who put this type of contribution-tracking in place might end up with a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

Clearly, a right-to-audit would need to be included in any package put forth either by non-for-profit organizations or political parties/candidates.

Interested in learning more about the technology behind this?  Call  Karl Walter Keirstead at Civerex  at 800 529 5355.

We will put you in touch with the inventors of this exciting new technology. (No fees will be requested or charged)

About kwkeirstead@civerex.com

Management consultant and process control engineer (MSc EE) with a focus on bridging the gap between operations and strategy in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, major crimes case management, healthcare services delivery, and b2b/b2c/b2d transactions. (C) 2010-2019 Karl Walter Keirstead, P. Eng. All rights reserved. The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and are not connected with Jay-Kell Technologies Inc, Civerex Systems Inc. (Canada), Civerex Systems Inc. (USA) or CvX Productions.
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