Improving Healthcare Services Delivery

Healthcare agencies go to great lengths to develop best practice protocols and to encourage consistent use of these. Consistent use of best practice protocols leads to improved outcomes.

One way to encourage consistency of protocols is to post situation/context appropriate  instructions at process steps along patient care pathways.

Instructions, however carefully drafted, are no substitute for provider-to-provider “collaborative consultations” where a healthcare professional is able to reach out to a peer, supervisor or domain expert for advice and assistance.

In a busy clinic/hospital, the telephone is not the best way to connect. It can take hours/days of telephone tag before two parties can actually engage in a conversation. And, unless you take notes, there is no record of the communication.

Ordinary e-mail is no better – messages relating to important matters get lumped in with ordinary mail and unfiltered spam messages. Messages can inadvertently be skipped or missed.

Here below is a brief video describing the CIVEREX “collaborative consultation” facility that allows a provider to reach out to a peer, supervisor or domain expert for advice and assistance at any step along a patient carepathway using a secure data communication channel.

Notice in the presentation that CiverMail™ is a provider->provider-> Point of Care messaging service.  Messages go from one provider to one or more providers but responses come back to the POC, not to the person who made the inquiry.

If I am on day shift, have a question, dispatch an inquiry and then go off shift, POC messaging results in posting of the response to my inquiry to the POC, not to me.  This can save up to 16 hours of valuable time in patient processing.

Click below to see how it all works.



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