Putting it all together

WordPress now supports embedded videos – here below is a WMV presentation that describes how one of Civerex’s healthcare software suites (CIVER-PSYCH) is able to use a process map to guide patient interventions.

The demo runs about 11 minutes and has a voice component – make sure you have a voice link while viewing the presentation.

The demo starts with a view of what we call the Orders InTray – you see tasks or intervention orders posting, users initiate action, complete tasks, the tasks then clear from the InTray.

Toward the middle of the demo you see the “best practice” behind-the-scene workflow that is guiding the patient processing.

Most patient processing software environments leave it up to users re what gets done next, who does it, where, when, how, and what data needs to be collected to evidence completion of tasks or interventions.

This gives lots of opportunities for things to fall between the cracks.

There really is nothing better than “best practices” (most of the time) and agencies that encourage the use of their best practices experience better outcomes (for patients and for the agency itself). It’s that simple.

As usual, the devil is in the details – we will post other videos that show that the BPM methodology that is the foundation of best practice workflows needs to be augmented by ACM (Adaptive Case Management) so that both structured and unstructured work can be accommodated.

Any questions, call us at 800 529 5355. We can set up a live demo days/ nights/weekends where you can see our software in action and ask questions that relate to your specific needs.

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